how can i get LOTS of money quick and easy

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    Ms Sinclair

    I just noticed your name. You're not alone. lol

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    OMG, I'm lmao. Good thing we don't get paid to do this. Most of us would be fired already, lol
    What's so funny?? I'm serious!
    Plant money trees.. Each day come back and there will be new $1.00 bills, the trick is not to pick them right away, wait until they ripen to $100.00 bills, then pick 'em..
    Start out with a penny. Then the next day, add another penny. Then the next day, add two more pennies. Then double the resulting amount of daily pennies each day for the next 27 days. You will be a multi-millionaire.
    So money does grow on trees? Damn! I could have been rich by now :-(

    Raise earthworms

    The problem is not to get stacks of cash but to legally own stacks of cash.  

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