how to discipline 10 yeats old boy

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    I did a few different things with my boys as they were growing up.One problem I had was the lying to me. One day I told them both to get ready...we were going to Dairy Queen for ice cream and they both flew around the house to get their jacket and shoes. Once they were ready they asked if we were going. I looked up from my book and said "Oh sorry was lying". They were both fit to be tied...madder than mad but I asked them how they felt to be lied to. It was a great lesson.When they were in trouble there was no point to grounding them to their rooms, no matter what I took away they just found something else to play with, I tried making them write lines but that wasn't working well either.I then handed them a broom or mop and had them do house work with me. I did take away games once in awhile for punishment too.I also got very good at giving lectures. One day my son asked if I could just spank him instead so I knew it was
    Take away things he likes.

    Limit the fun things he can do.

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