What Does The Rest of The World Owe Muslims?

    Maybe, it's only me but yet I wanna know, what the hell the rest of the world owes Muslims. Oil? Yes. But my country also produces things that the world buys cheap with the companies buying them profiting highly on them so... What? Is that the end of the world? I don't think so.Muslims, I think, should blame their respective governments for their economic woes.Their kings and leaders are so rich that they pay huge sums of money to western entertainers, mostly women( trashing their own ) to perform almost naked in front of their family members, something that is contrary to the Islamic religion. Meanwhile, the rest of you guys are starving to death.

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    I don't owe them a damn thing......

    A debt of gratitude for showing the US how fortunate we are to have separation of church and state.

    sod all as far as im concerned

    We owe them for teaching all of us how cruel humans can get

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