Can you get Ellios pizza in Florida?

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    Moved out of Ellio's neighborhood? No problem - get Ellio's ...
    Port charlotte, fl NO ELLIOS.. what the heck?? ... As you know, Ellio's Pizza is currently sold only in the Northeast states and Florida. - Cached
    Pizza - Surrounding Ellis Road Industrial Park FL, Florida ...
    Pizza in Surrounding Ellis Road Industrial Park FL, Florida Local Yellow Pages by Yellowbook. Having a Yellowbook Moment? Find the pizza you need when you need them. - Cached

    Is it o.k. to eat pizza when you are a diabetic? You would think all the starch from the bread would be a problem? Anyhow, hope this helps, I'm sure you can order it frozen online. I live in Fl, but haven't seen one in the Ft. Lauderdale area...
    Ellio's Pizza is an American brand of frozen pizza owned and distributed by McCain Foods, a Canadian corporation, and sold in grocery stores in the Northeastern United States and Florida.

    Go here

    then enter your Florida zip code

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