how do you know when a woman likes you

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    The task of determining whether or not a woman likes you can be doubly difficult if you find one that does not make eye contact.  Worse still if she is hard of hearing.  If so, proceed cautiously to the sense of touch..Cautiously I said.  If she growls, run like hell.

    she will ask to see your wallet if she smiles she like"s you
    If a woman likes you she might tell you, and/or, she might like being around you.

    This is a serious answer.

    When I "like" a gentleman, I notice I smile a lot at him. I also sit, stand or walk closer to him than necessary. 

    I ask him leading questions, the answer to which may be his taking me somewhere (to Lowes to get a certain part for something), driving in front of me to find a difficult address - anything that would result in us doing something together.   This is not manipulative; we're just wired that way and it's completely effortless.

    I'll also look him in the eye.  If a woman looks you in the eye, check out to see if her pupils are dialated (big).  This is reaction to being "interested" that neither men nor women can control.  It's from the sympathetic nervous system.

    If you want a woman to like you, think of something funny, so you'll smile naturally. 

    Don't ask if you can kiss her (or anything else).  This is to us, "yucky."  Just lean in slowly, catch the vibe, and DO IT - but chastely, if it's the first time.  We don't want to have to be responsible for anything sexual that happens, we just want to be taken; so you just have to make it happen, very slowly....& w/ no beastiality lol.

    Also, don't use "bad words" or tell dirty/racist/insensitive jokes.  Don't tell jokes where animals end up getting hurt in the end (The dog ran into the electric fense, there was a sign on it, but the dog couldn't read, etc.  That is an example of a horrible joke).  These types of language patterns make women the opposite of frisky.

    Instead, ask questions that are amenable to long answers - this is so you can stare at her and put the voice expression with the facial expression & practice feeling the vibe.  Questions I've been asked that I've like were: If you could go anywhere for a weeks vacation, where would you go?  What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen in your life?  What states/countries have you been to? 

    While she's talking, don't start thinking of what to say back.  Just Listen.

    If you're eating, chew with your lips closed and put your napkin in your lap; don't think about it, just do it.  It's important.  Even if the woman doesn't. 

    If you want to see her again, just say something like, I really enjoyed your company, I had fun with you today/tonight/whatever... and wait to see what she says.  Be sure you're looking at her, so you can get all the body language, facial expressions, etc . 

    If she doesn't say anything (some women are shy), just say Can I see you again next week sometime, Would you like to (fill in with daytime, public activity, so you will not be perceived as creepy)  At this point, it's important to pin down at least a day and a time, if possible, to meet again.  This will also give you a natural reason to call TWO days before the next meeting, so you can "touch base" and confirm you're still on. 

    I have never asked to see a gentleman's wallet unless I was planning to steal it.

    I have never TOLD anyone I "liked" them. (We [chicks] have multiple modes of communication, of which, direct language is the most vulgar).

    I have never ASKED a guy on a date (I make him ask me).

    As alluded to above, make the option of seeing each other again not a date (too stuffy) but a natural extension of experiencing each other.   Don't be preoccupied about asking her out the whole time you're together.

    Hope this helps.  Let us know what happens! : )


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