good comeback?

    Someone just called me a "biotch" on formspring.... what would be a good comeback? I can't think of anything good... only stupid ones. here are some i found, lemme kno if these r any good: watch it, i bite; "b!T(# is a female dog a dog barks barks are on tree trees are living things and living things are beautiful so thank you"; i would insult you back, but mother nature has done such a good job already that i cant compete (only prob here is the post is anonymous); sire (male dog); woof, you called my dog; u at a kennel >.>?

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    ole hipster

    I kinda' like the "I would insult you back, but" comment. Don't be concerned with some of the comments you see here, someone could be having a bad day!

    ole hipster

    Plus they spelled beyotch wrong!

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    Say thank you!!! I love to see that ppl can tell I am no push over. What a compliment.

    Tell him that you can fix bitcyness and you can fix a car but you can't fix stupid.

    And if you go with the Mother nature thing, tell him that when the stork dropped him at his parents house he was drunk and accidentally dropped him on the ugly tree and it looks like he hit every branch on the way down.

    Or say is that what guys with small p.p.'s have to say to feel better about themselves?

    Or you could say now that we have that out of the way what was your question dumb ass?

    you could say takes one to know one? Or thanks I try hard.


    Or maybe oh? what was your first clue?

    You could just not even bother responding and compromising who you are over what a stranger thought in the moment. You are only proving one thing when you retaliate, either you are what heshe says, or misery likes company and you have just joined the crew.One thing I have learnt over the years is that it is none of your business what people think of to stay true to who you are and ignore ignorance!


    Your so ugly your mother takes you shopping with her.So she doesn't have to kiss you goodbye.

    Yes you could say but in the morning I will be ok, but you are ugly. Infact you were born on an ugly tree and fell off and smashed your face on every branch on the way down. Or you have a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Or when you were born the doctor slapped your mum. Or you're so ugly when your mobile rings people think it's a bus reversing. Or you're fat when you cross the road cars go around you. Or you can just let it go over your head and rise above it.!!

    Guys can anyone help me with furcadia beekin application please.

    thanks y'all :) i stuck to the compliment idea by saying thx, along with some other stuff. but, ill use your guys advice next time... if there will be a next time -.- lol



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