why did planking start?

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    They confused being "bored" with being "board"

    Two groups claim to have invented the prank - either in Somerset in 2000 as the "lying down game" or eight years later in South Australia as planking. Both groups have rival Facebook sites boasting more than 100,000 fans.

    Your answer may be correct but the Facebook site "boasting 100,000 fans" Have little to boast about some idiot pretending to be a bit of timber.

    Thick as two planks I reckon.

    What is planking ?

    lie on your stomach with your feet straight out and your arms tightly at your side, palms facing and touching your outer thigh, face down. Lie very still like a wooden plank.

    This is done in various and unique settings and someone takes a picture of you. This is called planking.

    Like planking on a picnic bench or a big branch of a tree. You can even plank right on your living room floor.

    People try planking in really extreme areas.

    I have unfortunate news. I've heard that slaves were transported by using planking. Since hearing that, I have given up planking. Now I just Owl in the privacy of my own kitchen. (On top of the fridge) : )


    I heard that too.

    planking started so this didn't happen                            ""


    That is toooo funny, Deathboy.

    poor little thing - things like this rip my heart out - it's all because of us humans ruining their natural habitat.

    I heard of this planking awhile ago people doing some incredibly stupid stunts with it one person laying flat as board on the patio railing of the sixth floor I do not know if it killed the ninny plain crazy life  to valuable nothing play around with just because you are bored

    people stopped stealing garden gnomes and taking them on holiday due to stricter security enforcement at airports

    I'm glad to hear that garden gnomes are enjoying some security. Do people Plank or Owl in their gardens and frighten off the thieves?

    sounds like something to blame G.W. with like everything else

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