Are black people inferior to white people?

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    Nuff said. 

    I agree with Colleen. Let's stop these immature posts, the site is much better now with serious and interesting stuff.
    Bdafoe, knock it off. No more racist crap!
    How did you get through our idiot scanner? What a frigging loser..
    NO ! We all evolved from a few black women. From what i understand. Genes can be traced back to 6 or 7 black women in africa . The real inferior people are in prison , sex offenders, burglary, murderers, rapists, thieves, they choose to be that way, -inferior. There was a small cafe in cross plains texas several years ago that refused to serve blacks, i thought it was a joke , but they were serious.
    I am White. I would stand beside any Black person and think of them as my equal.

    Thanks Colleen
    Why do you ask Rating -140 oh i mean Bdafoe.
    Pull out your box of crayons and order them by superior and inferior. Then try to explain to anyone with intelligence why you did this.
    You troll just trying to get attention, aren't you?
    Absolutely not !
    if you were a blind person all people would be the same colour so colour wouldnt come into the coversation we are all humane beings

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