Why do people have to abbreviate their words or use the gobbly gook shortening of a sentence? Come to think of it why is abbreviated such a long word?

    What is so hard about writing see you instead of cu. Lol is really confusing: laugh out loud-- lots of love-- little old lady --lots of laughter--look out loser and probably more. Conversation has become a lost art since "Shh I am watching television" It now appears that spelling is on the way out. Iknow, Iknow it saves time and room on the screen but crikey the people in the world are running around like blow flys on a dead kangaroo as it is, slow down for goodness sake, smell the roses and show you can " communicate"

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    Unfortunately I will judge a person on this, also on spelling, we do have a lot of bad spellers here. Grammar I don't much worry about because i too have bad grammar, it's the area you were raised. Where i come from everyone has bad grammar, 26 years away from there it followed me and I am always being corrected like a child. I will go back and edit if I see a spelling mistake. You are judged by what you type. 'unfortunately'. When I see simple words misspelled in the title, I usually contribute that to a youngster, and of course the question asked is a sure sign. But! That doesn't mean they don't deserve an answer..

    ic ur point.

    new term "loli' laugh out loud inside i guess that would be a contridiction interms , trying to be politicly incorrect

    I take your point schubee but there are also swear words in the dictionary so is it correct to use these in all comunication.Sorry I see it as lazeness and disrespectful, if you dont respect someone enough to spell it out dont send.

    Did you know those new "words", yes they are considered words!, were added to Oxford Dictionary? They are official new terms! I use them often when I"m on my phone texting or googling. You better get used to using them, keep up with the new norms!



    I'm blaming you. : )

    Personally I find when I have to slow down to read code, it's really flipping annoying. I find it's a lack of respect when a person codes me, rather than talks to me.

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