Colleen this question contains ??????????

    I read you comment on "Should I leave my husband" and just want to say a very very late condolence for your lose. My first wife died of cancer, the second of alcholism and my present wife has just had major cancer operation. These words always help "This too shall pass" For some strange inexplicable reason I feel an afinity with you. I have a 56 yr old daughter, 46yr old, 42yr old plus others so maybe it is the parental love thing. Anyway "Stay as sweet as you are"

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    The title will get the sticky beaks going Colleen CIAO.

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    Thank you PL. Your words mean a lot to me because they come from a good place. A lot of people never recognized what I lost because they never recognized our relationship as real. I got a lot of, hey, sorry you lost your friend. My I had lost an acquaintance or something. I would rather they has said nothing at all. I think that has a lot to do with why 15 years later, I'm still feeling more than I should. The complete disregard from people who claim they care about others. I've been given a lot in my life that I could be bitter over but I try never to let the bitterness over take me. I trust that there are good people in this world and every now and then, I meet them. Now I've met another. Cyber hug to you PL. Stay real and just keep being you. You're a good person because you love with a real love. That my friend is very refreshing : )



    She would have liked you too : ) xx



    Aged that like an old doggie home or what?


    Made a old man feel good Colleen. Today is my day Wednesday in Aussie, when I take my dog to the Aged Care Facility and I will take your fatastic comments with me. You are correct bitterness achieves stuff all except to make ones self feel shitty. xx & and another X for you past lover.

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