Who is Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress?

    What's her name? Where can I find pictures of her?

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    Identified as housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena., or just google "arnold schwarzenegger mistress" She has a 13 year old born 5 days after Shriver's son, pics are all over the news of the lady but not the son.

    Maria was waiting for his term in office to expire before she did anything.
    do i have this right? she has a ten year old boy and has worked in his house as a housekeeper for twenty years. now, maria just had to know. ANY woman would know. most women would know in two days. maybe less. oh i just look at him and go barrrrrf. how could california have done such a thing. how? he is so UGLY and so proud of himself.
    I think the Terminator is Terminated, and he won't "Be Back"
    Nowhere yet. The Times is not releasing the info.

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