what do you think is going to happen with the stocks in the next month or so?


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    gold is up and will continue to rise as ninnet said if there is a war in the middle east the s*** will hit the fan for everyone and live will not be th same lets hope this wont happen
    Wish i new. My guess stable before the storm . The markets will react soon to the enormous U.S. debt. I will be ready when it does correct. The market is priced way too big for the condition of the economy and for obama being in office. Its only a matter of time.
    Sold 70 percent of my stocks. Waiting for a big pullback. But new technologies may not make that happen for a while. The market should not be here at this time , but is. I trade day to day, for now.
    mildly down - but precious metals will go up.

    If there is a war in the MidEast expect a large drop
    zorro ... how do you get ready? since i don't understand much i guess i'll just be ridin' the storm out.
    we kinda live on mine. this is a very scary time for me.i don't read the news much because i get confused and distracted by things like our governor.
    i know a guy who is all prepared. he has his gun powder, etc. he has all his dried food and stuff to go with it. he does buy gold. i can't do any of that. i wonder how many people are.
    Which ones?

    stockbroker, portfolio manager. by all rights we should have been rich by now... but as things are going ... i don't think so.

    No, I mean which stocks? If I could be a help of finding good ones?

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