How do you accept and understand with Biopolar disease?

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    Understand that what sets off the manic and depressive modes are thought driven. It also has to do with sugar intolerance. It is difficult to catch the thought pattern that will start either mode, but most of the time you can catch it by what you start doing. In other words, you can learn what your lifestyle patterns are for the disease. For example, maybe when you start getting manic, you think you can do anything, or need to spend all of your money. Maybe on a depressive start, you want to be isolated. When you can readily identify these "starts" you can temper them, and then eventually you can learn what the thought patterns are that start the modes.
    It is difficult to say the least, and if you have a good friend, preferably a counselor experienced in bipolar, you will learn that these thoughts are "lie based." Or, something in your past happened and your emotions are telling you the event was "True." However, the emotional thinking is wrong, and this is what sets the mind off on these tangents. A counselor can help you identify these thoughts, and when you become aware of them, you can retrain your thinking to know that although the event may have happened, how you are thinking or feeling about it is wrong, and thereby change the behavior.
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