is the generic for Propecia the same as the name brand drug

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    Most generic brands have the same ingredients. But they may work differently this is a question your chemist should be able to answer, generally genetic brands have the same ingredients, they are just made at a cheaper price..
    But some can vary in ingredients..

    My Dr.told me that there is a 20% give or take in the level of ingredients in the generic.So I stick to the prescribed brands now.I had a shaky experience with generic blood pressure meds.
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    Yeah I always stick to the brands as well, I know alot of the codine tyke drugs have the same ingredients .. Like panadine forte or vallium is very much the same.
    I have heard that about bp medications ..

    Scared the bejusus outta me.Never again.
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    Not good at all..
    First of all you should not be taking this stuff. If this stuff really did work then why are so many men still bald and going bald. Over time it will kill your sex drive you will have trouble ejaculating. Imagine trying to masturbate and nothing comes out. This is what eventually happens to you. Secondly this stuff turns your body into mush. Your whole body will sage all over the place because it stops testosterone production which maintains strength and muscles tone in men. Its poison stay away from it. Take a look at this theory called: (Google site) This theory makes the most sense of what is actually causing hair loss. Its not genetic its something your eating.

    I agree with you @triboro, I read that this med has lot of side effects. I was reading some articvles on internet because my hubby was planning to take propecia. He is kinda care less person, but I take efforts to read the stuff before taking medicines, so I found some nice articles about propecia which turned my mind and I ask him to stop thinking about propecia. go and checkout this website too, they have nice information about propecia 


    hope this helps.


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