My boyfriend and i have been together since i was 7 months pregnant. My son is now 3 months old. Well about 2 months ago he began going out, coming home with this car everyday, not wanting to be with me in the bedroom, and not caring what i think. How do i know that he really is??

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    If he comes home late and showers almost immediately, if he doesn't tell you where he's going, or when he does you're just not buying it. Not wanting to have relations with you, saying he's with his boys a lot.

    Follow him one night, have a friend tail him in a car he doesn't recognize. Usually your instincts, or gut feeling is correct, you just might need to catch him in the act to be able to kick him to the curb.

    You are probably correct, you should just dump him, good luck.

    That guy would be pretty dumb if he waited till he got home before he showered wouldn't ya say?

    I agree with with you completely, there are to many dumb people out there trying to be slick. I would like to invent a stupid bomb that would either wipe out all the dumb people in the world, or a smart bomb that made all the stupid people smarter. Either way the world would be a better place.
    It never ceases to amaze me why women stay in mentally or physically abusive relationships. Whats wrong with your gender? I know women are wired differently than men, but to allow a tyrant to tear you apart mentally and/or physically and be able to rationalize their disgusting behavior towards you is beyond me. The argument I hear is they stay for the kids. It's an excuse for not being smart enough to have left long ago. Or perhaps are not willing to go out on their own and assume total responsibility for themselves or their children.
    Instinct is your first sign, his mood change, his everyday activities changed, -- You sound very young. That's unfortunate because girls grow up faster than boys do, especially since you have a child. You're not married, concentrate on the child, let him go.. I assume you can support this child and yourself? Living with parents??
    Thank God, you didn't marry him. What a loser!
    i kicked him to the curb... two ago... LOSER!! haha

    GREAT!! Now look ahead and never look back-- he will probably chase you so be aware of that.. Keep going, if you go back the second time is worse!
    He maybe finding it hard to settle into parenthood.
    If you're asking, he's already showing the signs. What makes you ask? Whatever it is, it's probably a sign. Trust your instincts.

    Unless you're a clingy needy person and get all emotional when he leaves for 10 minutes...if this is not you, again, trust your instincts.
    quite simple can he look you square in the eyes and say i love you, the eyes don't lie
    Dump him love. He's a loser. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
    Not all men adjust to parenthood very well, even though the child is not his he may have realized it's part of the package. Women usually are right on when it comes to the issue of cheating. Men are stupid when it comes to that. Better to find out after a five month relationship than at five years that he's no good. If you ask him outright and he is cheating, he will lie and lie and lie. Move on.
    Sounds to me like you're making one mistake after another, pregnant before you met him, recovering addict, you don't sound over mature to me sound like a kid in a grown-up body.
    Start making smart choices for you and your baby so you have a chance of a happy life and not playing to some boyfriend all the time.

    well im not in a kids body.... just want to know what he was really doing! Thank you!!!!!
    Headless Man

    You where his sex object now you're not the same, sorry if truth hurts.
    okay...let me give you a different perspective. Medication is a really touch and go thing with mood swings, sexual desire ect.My ex husband was a pill junkie and it completely changed who he was. I also have to point out that you both have a new baby that is keeping you both up at night and your both trying to adjust. Also girlfriend...your hormones have not yet settled down and this can create a lot of unnecessary insecurities. I'm not sure how long your boyfriend has been a recovering addict but thats not easy for anyone to get out of especially when there is such a huge change and pressure added to your lives.The baby may not be his but he is still coming home to you. Give this a deep breath and realize that children and sex don't mix so this could be part of his lack of desire.You have become a mom and everything changes...your body, your breasts are now leaking, your mental state being tired and again hormones are out of whack.I am by no means telling you that your unattractive now, because I am a mom and know all this first hand but he has to get used to it as much as you do.I suggest that you try to get your family to have the baby once in awhile and dress yourself up,and try to bring back some of the things that have changed.Stop accusing him for now and put some honest effort int you as a couple. If he continues on this way then you just don't need a man like this for you or this child who is not given a choice in life.

    Well i found out two weeks ago that he was cheating. i was heartbroken at first but now i just look at him as a con. my mom wouldnt let him use her car anymore so he acted like hel iked this girl just to use her car....pretty pathetic. Now he has no where to live...and calls me crying how he made the biggest mistake. but i have more respect for myself then that, HE was the MISTAKE!!!
    I appreciate your comment helps alot!!

    Well I hate to say it but I am glad you found out the truth. I was just trying to look at things in a different way but was totally off base there. For now all that matters is this don't need a full grown child to look after as well. Being alone as a mom is difficult at times but you will do well no matter what!
    just ask him if he is .
    My ex husband cheated on me and what ur boyfriend is doing is some of the same stuff that my ex did.
    Well he is not the father of my son. So technically he doesn't have any obligation to really be there for him. He is a recovering addict and has started taking medication. I think it's just turned him into someone totally different. He always says he is not cheating but i want real proof!!! haha Maybe i should go on Cheaters.

    Which male admits he is cheating, unless he caught in the act, then he has no choice. Sounds bit like my hubby, just we dont hv children, guess God knew best.
    Now i am actually 24 and i have always been very mature for my age. I guess maybe im just in denial, but he tells me i'm not and i just want to know the truth!! I came across this site and just wanted to see if i could get any feedback from the situation.

    Well you are certainly getting feedback from this site.

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