Anyone recommend using liposuction?

    I go to the gym 3-times a week and have a trainer but still have a tummy bulge. Liposuction can flatten my stomach but I'm wondering if it is worth spending $7,000.

    Anyone use liposuction? If so, did you like the results, and was it long-lasting?

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    I have never had Liposuction but would advise against it. Loads of things can go wrong in the surgery and can leave you with horrible scars. Some other bad effects are: anesthetic reactions, infection, fluid loss and blood clotting. These side effects are rare but can happen. Minor liposuction effects include scarring, bruising, skin numbing and issues such as skin discoloration. Other possibilities are fluid build up (resulting in fluid having to be drained), vital organ damage, friction burns, allergies to medication and skin damage. There are also a lot of possible dangers associated with too much liposuction at once. If too much fat is removed from a select area at one time, negative situations could possibly arise. These risks include sagging skin, lumps, bunts and dents. After liposuction surgery, some relatively minor complications could occur, such as fainting, numbness, bruises, scars, skin pigmentation issues, drug interactions (non-fatal) and focal skin necrosis.

    If you really want to loose wait, cut down on food (but only if you eat too much) and increase activity. It sounds as though you have a pretty active lifestyle anyway, but you are supposed to do 1 hour a day at least. Some people just have a naturally bulky build and there is no reason to worry if you are not overweight. Another factor to consider is your height - is it relative to your weight? A doctor or consultant will be able to measure you and decide, but even if you are slightly overweight, doctors generally agree that unless your weight is posing a problem to your lifestyle or health, mentally or physically, there is no reason to worry about losing weight. To add to that, you didn't mention how long ago you started these physical activities. If you haven't been doing them very long then you shouldn't be expecting an instant change.

    Also your personal trainer should be able to suggest ways to flatten your stomach (sit-ups etc...) - after all, thats what they are there for! Being active also makes you feel great and gives you a mental high, unlike surgery, which has the opposite effect.

    I wouldn't advise ANYONE to have liposuction - far too risky!
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    Thank you.

    You don't need to tell me if you feel uncomfortable, but I would be interested to know what you did decide to do?
    I'm not a stalker, by the way, I just was interested in whether my answer influenced your opinion or not.

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