How do I survive another day at work with the morons?

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    I know exactly how you feel! When my shift changed at work, I had to take it one hour at a time. Made for a long day. When I made it through that phase, i take it one day at a time. When I am comfortable doing what i'm doing, and dealing with whom i must deal with day-to-day, i'll take it a week at a time. Days go faster. you get used to it. Gets easier~ I pray to make it through the day; then i head out into the "jungle" and scream: "Good morning, Vietnaaaaaam".

    PS: You'll recognize the "natives" straight off. Steer clear of them. they can be cannibals. -lol

    Your sister,


    I love your answer it is so true. You made me laugh and I know it is all about taking one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time you are so right.

    Thank you.

    same way you did today, by seeing the ultimate finish line
    Ed Very funny but I think there are enough people on edge of being postal without adding my name to the list. I will just keep trying to do the best I can but thank you for the words of encourangement lol
    ed shank

    Morons are like bacteria their everywhere.

    Yeah and I do not think they have found a cure for them yet and they seem to be spreading largely LOL
    Don't. Go postal.
    Thank you very much and I am sorry that you have to know how that feels too, but at least I am not alone. I hope you had a good day we will just have to take it one day at a time and sometimes one moment at a time. May God Bless.....
    hector if only I could I would thanks for the advice though it is appreciated.
    I know you are right daren but geezzz it is getting harder and harder......everyday......
    I know EXACTLY how you feel.

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