Yo momma jokes

    What are some funny yo momma jokes?

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    Ms Sinclair

    Hey Orion- Did you like my jokes?

    Orion Markham

    yes, yours are hilarious!

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    Yo mama so ugly your daddy threw her in the street and was arrested for littering.

    Yo mama's armpits stink so much that when she put on Right Guard it turned left. That's enough for now.

    Yo mama so fat she put on a pair of Guess Jeans and the answer popped out.

    Yo mama's so dumb she put a peephole in a glass door.

    Try google. There's a bunch of them there. Or just type Yo mama into your web browser. You'll see sites that have them.

    Yo momma so fat that when she sits around the house she sits AROUND the house!

    Yo mama's so poor, TV dinner trays are her good china.

    yo mamas armpits are so hairy she looks like she has big foot in a headlock

    one time when i was a kid i spent the night with my friend jim.i complained there was no sheet on the top bunk. she reached in drawer and stretched a pair of her pantie over the matress and said your welcome

    Yo mama is so ugly that she tied a pork chop around her neck so the dogs would play with her.
    Yo mama is so fat she uses a telephone booth 4 her cell phone.

    Your momma so fat, she sat on a a dollar bill and snot shot out Washington's nose!

    yo mama is so fat that when she steps on the Weight Scale it says...'to be continued'...

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