I have a crftsman ridind mower with a kohler 22hp engine . Where is the sparkplug and how do I acess it. The model no is 917.28934.

    I have a craftsman riding lawnmower model 917.28934 with a Kohler engine. Where is the sparkplug and how do I acess it to get to it.

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    On most 4 cycle engine you will find the spark plug somewhat in the center of the cylinder head. Look for a black shielded wire approximately 1/4" in diameter and follow it to that area.
    Many engines that size have deep cooling fins, and utilize a spark plug end with a long black stem that presses onto the threaded section of the spark plug. If you follow the wire to the end I previously mentioned, you should be able to wiggle it slightly. If you have located the stem of the plug end, take a pair of needle nose pliers and gently pull it while wiggling the stem. Afterwards you will need a fairly deep socket to remove the plug.
    However, some engines are covered with a sheet metal cowling to create a better air flow over the cooling fins and you will just have to remove the hex head screws and cover plate to access the plug.
    But, if you are having a hard time simply finding the spark plug, you really might want to strongly consider letting a small engine technician do it, in order to avoid damaging anything. He could also flush out your fuel system and change the oil at the same time. I say this, as it has probably sat awhile in the off season, and it makes a world of difference in how it will run and last long term.

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