Sorry to say this, but this site now SUCKS...too many baby/bullshit questions...this was a good thing when started...unfortunately this is fading real, real fast...I'll check back and see if there are still some humans left here with just a modicum of intelligence...Peace, love and happiness to all...from an old retired ex-hippie lady (:

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    We have lost alot of ppl in the last month... I have thought the same thing about the questions.... Homework, non-questions, and just plan gibberish... Sorry to see you go.. I will miss you.
    ole hipster

    Hell Jenn...I never went anywhere....I am an addict! lol(: just trying to get a message across...
    how can we miss you if you dont leave this post was eight days ago...i know its a hard site to leave
    ole hipster

    daren1 you continually make me laugh and for this I am extremely appreciative...laugh can be so very hard! (:
    we will miss you greatly amd lovingly beeen lots of run
    ole hipster

    can't get rid of me that easily!
    ole hipster

    OOps the old eyes have done it again....believe I accidentally voted you down and then....when trying to rectify the same...I totally got screwed up!...will make it up to sorry! (:
    Someone was wondering what happened to all the oldies.
    Sorry to read your"orbituary" ole hipster, I know how you feel and I am on the cusp of doing likewise. Live happy, laugh lots and cry little xxxx.
    ole hipster

    Sorry...tried to give you a thumbs up w/o realizing I had already done so...thus...took away from your karma points unintentionally...I have a list now of to whom I owe karma points to just because of this snafu! (:
    I TOTALLY agree. I find myself spending way more time looking for a question worth answering. One thing to consider is that kids get bored pretty fast so eventually the novelty will wear off.
    ole hipster

    Hey are you these days...hope you have overcome the trauma that you have so recently gone through (the Ole Hipster knows and care!) are very astute...often I just don't have the patience to deal with the younguns' simply because they don't even have the grace to say thank you to those who actually do answer their questions (if you can even call them that!) Peace, love and happiness to do remind me of the flower children of my generation! (:

    Thanks for that ole put a smile on my face:)
    Later dude, stop by again, shit changes all the time.
    ole hipster

    You are eternally hilarious! (:

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