Does anyone know the term "Grit Ball" and if so explain so I will know you know the same terminology I have learned ?

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    Its slang word for, Brave, to protect ones self. having back bone, courage.
    Well Black3 your definition is right sorry - came from the Madea movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Obviously not many in here watch Tyler Perry's Madea movies as I do as I find them extrememly funny and she is just telling the truth no sugar coating and saying what some think but would not say aloud. So your answer is correct Black 3.
    Dollybird I hope your definition is the right one, I hate to think it means what I just found in the urban dictionary. Your definition is much better. Anyone else find anything different?
    Urban Dictionary: grit ball
    The act of taking a large iron cast pan full of hot grits and dumping it on someone's head and then hitting them with the pan.


    I guess I will have to check those out. Sounds like the kind of movies I would like. As long as I don't have the impression that people are actually doing this to each other. I Also found baseball: when a pitcher pulls out his tin of dip and sprinkles a little bit of tobacco on the seam of the baseball so he can throw a wicked screw ball.

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