What does a 1920 butter press look like

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    6dogs gave you the correct steer.

    Mum used to make our butter when I was a kid, we couldn`t afford a press but Mum had two "pattyy" boards that were like table tennis bats only rectangular. She would pat the butter into a block shape.

    I don`t know why,she always cut it up and put it on a saucer to put on the table, may be it was an attempt on her part to bring a little bit of class to our home.

    I have seen other wooden butter presses similar to the ones on 6dogs site except they had a wooden thread with a cross handle on it that went on top of the press and it was screwed down so shaping the butter.
    Oh for the simple days.

    I wish I could go back in time with you to watch this again. Oh the memories!

    6dogs we had nothing but we were happy. We were loved and we loved in return, makes an old man sad to see things today, I want, gimmee gimmee. Sad, the only word that describes it.

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