is nuclear energy/power safe?

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    Orion Markham

    I know, I feel the need to help them a lot.

    ole hipster

    Your question now is sort of deja vu! Japan has a real serious problem going on right now!

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    I lived real, real close to a nuclear power plant (Hutchinson Island, Florida) for many years. Never gave it much thought due to all the safety features. Had to worry of course about a potential meltdown, or somebody's stupidity to cause a malfunction or leakage (from anything in the plant!). The power like Randy Palmer stated we do need!

    If done right I'm not concerned. We need the clean power.

    yes, there are many different safety features like, control rods, and emergency control rods, just in case the control rods don`t do the job.

    I live next to one (San Onofre - California) having some problems but I feel safe. I think it's the best (in all regards) form of energy we have to use if we all become realistic and admit to we will continue to use energy more rather than less. Yes, I read a lot about all nuclear disasters. Just FYI click on these two sites about latest on Chernobil... - 50k - - 50k – Choose “Full episode”

    It's not safe. Have a look at Fukushima. It's becoming more deadlier by the day.


    How unsafe compared to motor vehicle driving?

    Have you ever heard of Three Mile Island or Chernobyl?   Yes, nuclear power is as safe as any other source of energy. 

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