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    What is the most amazing or beautiful thing that you've ever seen? Mine would have to be while riding with a friend in Florida we literally saw the end of a rainbow on a highway. We drove right through it. However, I'm sorry to say, no pot of gold was found.

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    The pumpkin patches in Vermont, Apple orchards, waterfalls and Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and Pikes Peak in Colorado, all of which were seen while riding on a motorcycle.


    Last but not least, my newborn baby's sweet little face when he was born.

    ....God's gift !

    ....for we have so much to be thankful.


    Seen it my friend? Can you be more specific?

    ....still alive after 50 days in the hospital; that was 35 years ago.
    ....that is just one example.
    country bumpkin

    ROMOS can relate.


    My 3 year old grand daughter running up the companionway when she arrived home from China. It's a memory that will live forever within me. The companionway way was very crowded,She just pushed everyone out of the way.

    country bumpkin

    She was trying to get to her grandpa, Beautiful picture! :)

    My 2 year old grandson really has the most beautiful smile. Amazing is my two sons who had serious "issues" being loving spouses, responsible fathers, and respectful sons.

    First time in a Aeroplane on the other side of the clouds,,it is like looking at a whole new world of mountains and valleys..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<.. Clouds from aircraft 

    Amazing grace how sweet it is - the love God has for each and every one of us if we choose to accept it.

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