whats more important to you being respected or loved ?

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    Funny that you ask this particular question, I attended a class at church that described respect and love. Women are told in the Bible to respect their husbands, not that they don't love them, but love is insinuated. It is more natural for women to love.

    Men are told to love their wives, not that respect isn't insinuated. It seems like both of these words are intertwined in a loving relationship.

    I believe if you love someone you will respect them, but if you respect someone you wouldn't necessarily love them. Respect seems to take on a new meaning when applied to a marriage/love relationship. Just my opinion...
    I dont think you can trully love someone with out respecting them.
    i'll take love any day
    To love is too respect also
    Love is the best thing. The thing is I want my wife and others to love me but I would feel really bad if they told me they did not respect me.
    i think love is better u care for them
    I would say love but then again the only one that truly loves me is Oliver so that is based on his opinion I guess.

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