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    Thought the title might get some attention! LOL Seriously though what's everyones' stance on the legalization of marijuana (Just think of the revenue possibilities!)

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    I've never smoked it so I don't know how it affects a person except through what others tell me. I believe it affects people differently depending on their body as does alcohol so it's not really a good argument against it.

    I know as a medicine, it helps cancer patients recovering from chemo better than any man made drug can. I'm not against legalizing it but would suggest by legalizing it, it may make it that much easier for children as young as elementary school to get a hold of it.

    Smoked weed when I was in HIGH school regularly then got sick of feeling paranoid when I joined the ADULT world. Watched MANY people I worked with smoke EVERYDAY in the morning before heading into the job AND at lunch time. I saw it as a sad addiction. These people NEEDED weed to function. As harmless as weed may seem to some, its harming the life of others. I feel its best to keep it illegal. The world doesn't need another legal way to get high. Alcohol abuse does enough damage already.

    many states have it for medical reasons, new jersey just started it also

    It clearly shouldnt be illegal because it has many more effective and practical uses beyond a bunch of stoners getting wasted (smoked day in day out from age 18 till age 34 so i do have room to is a versatile and useful crop that could replace other commodities we currently use that arent as effective or benign but we dont use which is crazy.I think beyond medical use anyone who wishes to grow it for their own use should be free.They all smoke clean grass instead of solid thats mixed with henna,rubber,engine oil,plastic and god knows what else but put it in the hands of the user cos governments would tax it n the criminal cut it with shit to make more from it or limit supply to hike the price up so to hell with them both n let the people get on with it.Course it'll never happen

    I think it is a naturally growing HERB and as such should not be illegal: mood altering you say? so is coffee, tea, chocolate and any number of other things. The government should not be able to govern what plants we grow and consume for goodness sake

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