black beetles "in" my peach tree!

    I have an older peach tree, it bears tons of peaches every year, but I have found a black boring beetle in it! I have tried to rid the tree of it but to date have not found a way to do this! soon it will kill my tree! this is a big bug, that looks kind of like a bumble bee only all black, does any one know haw to kill it, or make tree distasteful to it?

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    See picture below. If the insect looks like this, it's bad news. Sorry. If it does not look like the insect in the picture, click the first link. There are other insects listed there.

    Peach Tree Borers

    Peach tree borers are destructive insect pests that attack a variety of stone fruit trees, including cherry, peach and plum. They are difficult to control once established. Growers prevent peach tree borers through early identification and preventive treatment.


    Adult peachtree borers have clear wings and wasp-like, metallic blue bodies with either orange or yellow banding. Growers use pheromone traps to detect the presence of these insects and monitor their activity. They also look around the base of the trunk for egg deposits or cream-colored larval insects near the soil line.

    Chemical Control

    Growers should apply an insecticidal spray to susceptible trees between one and two weeks after they start catching adult peachtree borers in their traps. Wet the bark with the insecticide and apply an even layer of spray across the trunk and lower branches.

    Cultural Controls

    Peachtree borers are more likely to attack weak or wounded trees than healthy specimens. Growers keep trees watered and fertilized to help them withstand insect attacks. They also avoid causing mechanical injury to the lower trunks, and they care for existing injuries to prevent trees from becoming infested.

    Pesticides for Peach Trees

    alt text


    Moderator case you're still around and haven't given up on an answer yet.

    How about this one? It's a carpenter bee and bores into trees.

    alt text




    one more bump, hoping she sees this because I think this may be what is in her tree.


    sorry wrong place try the pine beetle.

    I put pestiside in my oak tree those big ol' buggers started falling out in droves.... The tree is up and kickin this year. Not that i asked anyone I was just really mad when I so them in my trees... they took out 3 acers down the road a couple years ago.


    Try the pine beetle

    Gee I am glad our quarantine is so strong. We have some mean wee beasties but not as many varities as you have. Good to live on the worlds largest island.

    like this?

    I got the info i need, to get them out of the tree, that's good enough for me :-) thanks



    Try the link I provided. See if it can give you any information I might have missed. I'm just happy it's not the insect in the picture.

    No not like that at all, its really a lot like a bumble bee, in size and ahape only all black and bores into my tree!

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