why is good to be "daddys little gir'l but bad to be a 'momas boy" ?

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    Daddy's girls - She looks up to her father for support and respects him. While 'some' daddy's girls take advantage of fathers financially, not all. She wants to marry a man that upholds the same virtues as her father and will accept nothing less.

    Momma's Boy - His mother is an 'enabler' and still taking care of him in many ways well into his adult years, and he lets her. He puts his mother first, before any other woman. This obviously causes conflict as mother feels no woman besides her will ever be good enough for her son and will 'look' for reasons to complain about her. (The whole reason she enables him in the first place, so he believes this too.)

    Overall, both may have harder times finding a good relationship. Daddy's girls because are looking for better quality and won't accept less...actually a good thing. Momma's boys, if lucky enough that his potential spouse does not see potential problems 'before' their married, she will soon after and get out as quickly as possible....or just stay in the marriage and end up resenting him and his mother...fighting...etc.

    As per your question, it's good being a Daddy's Girl as she usually has more confidence and will usually not waste her time with men who haven't grown up yet. It's bad to be a Momma's Boy because all women want to take care of their family, but in their own way. If someone threatens that, especially another woman (even if it IS your mother), they will not stand for it. Because all people do things differently, and because a Momma's Boy was trained by his momma and therefore enabled his whole life to get what he wants without any obligations on his part, a woman will not put up with it for long, if at all.

    Men must put their wives first, period, if they want to stay married. However, mother's also need to have enough respect to stay out of their children's marriages. If there is abuse, that is different. Let marriages blossom on their own without interference from those who think they know better....Mothers, Fathers, other family or friends...whomever.

    great answer thumbs up from me as well
    still waiting for some one elses opinion
    A momma's boy lacks ambition and drive. A momma's boy is very immature.

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