Why am I passing urine every hour

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    Either a bladder or kidney infection can cause this or you are drinking way too much fluid at once.These infections are not immune to either men or women.If it continues, go to seek a doctors oppinion. If there is a strong smell to your urine it could also be a sign of diabetes...don't ignore this!
    Depends on your age, could be many different things, kidney stones, prostate, bladder infection, medication, lower back L5, S1, herniation, and many more, I suggest you check out web MD, and or make an Dr.'s visit. Keep track of your symptoms and journal how often you urinate and what symptoms you are experiencing.

    It may be something serious, so don't wait to long to visit a doctor. Hope you will get it checked out soon. Good luck and health to you!!
    maybe u have urine track infection u need to drink cramberry juice and call the doctor to get medicine or probably u very stress out and u nerve system what u need to do is relax

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