What are the Five Love Languages?

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    A woman that I am emotionally connected to, told me to read this book and after reading it I was already doing all five love languages for her and she seemed to try also. I have a severe phychic conection with this woman and she is the same with me. Something happened to her and she became viscious and lied to the court in an attempt to have a restraining order placed against me. She had no evidence and lied to the court. I in no way threaten her, although I suggested somethings she should do and I had some pictures of her in a two piece bathing suit that I took when we went on a holiday to an indian casino. She to me looked fantastic and I was happy that she allowed me to take the pictures. I made a private storge page for them for eyes only but I did send her the link and coincidently and the same time all hell was breaking loose and I dont why? I'm looking for the answer to what happened and why she tried to hurt me and continues to try and hurt me. She knows she is lying, but why? She exposed herself to everyone and made a fool of herself in front of my family and hers because they all know I would never do the things she accused me of, I want an explaination and an apology for being with her again is impossible for me. I am looking for answers and I know in time they will be reveled and I fear much to the detrament of her life.The judge asked me if I wanted to file perjury charges against her and I declined... This story is even more stranger than I can explain here. I am piecing it together and I will be writting a book.

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    I think the inquirer was asking about which 5 languages are referred to as Romance Languages, which then were sometimes called Languages of love because of the descriptive word "Romance". The 5 broard categories of these are Italian, Spanish, French, Portugese, and Romanian because approximately 90% of these languages are rooted, or derived from Latin, the language used by the Romans, hence "Romance" ascribed to them. The interesting question is when the word "romance" became associated with feelings of love and affection.

    1. Words of Affirmation
      Verbal expressions of love, gratitude, agreement, and appreciation can go a
      long way for someone whose primary love language is “Words of
      Affirmation.”, “Simple statements,
      such as, ‘You look great in that suit,’... are sometimes all a person needs to
      hear to feel loved.” The key here is that the person feels loved through verbal

    2. Receiving Gifts
      Gift giving has always been a part of the relationship process. We give gifts
      to those we care about, but especially when relationships turn romantic. In
      the early stages of a relationship, a man might bring a woman flowers and
      some candy as a gesture that he is interested. As the relationship grows, there
      may be larger, more expensive or more meaningful gifts, leading up to that
      little piece of jewelry when he pops the question. But gifts aren’t just for women.

    3. Acts of Service
      If you just pictured popping the hood of his car while pulling out the tool box,
      don’t fret. This love language is more about the little things that matter most.
      Though the word “service” conjures up images of “kitchen maid,” don’t be
      misled; there is no blood, sweat and tears involved. Simple acts of service are
      highly valued and appreciated by men with this love language.

    4. Quality Time
      Spending quality time with the one you love may sound obvious, but for those
      who value this love language the most, it is essential. Beyond showing up for
      important events or putting a few nights aside for “dates,” this love language
      is more about the amount of attention you devote to your partner rather than
      the event itself.

    5. Physical Touch
      Some people like their personal space and others love to be close. Over time
      you learn what the man in your life is most comfortable with. If he hates public
      displays of affection, it probably wouldn’t translate well to kiss and hug him in
      public. On the other hand, if your man responds well to physical touch, don’t
      be afraid to show him how much you love him with hugs, kisses and other warm
      gestures of your affection!
      More detailed information can be found at


    Thanks for that, I had the book years ago and had forgotten the 5,great info!


    I read and enjoyed the book, too. It really makes alot of sense. Which one do you use to show love? Which one do you prefer from your loved one? NEW QUESTION!

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