how do I modify my ship to address?

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    2 Answers

    Your default Ship From address is defined when you create your My UPS profile. If you want to edit your profile in My UPS, select Profile from the My UPS home page.

    If you want to edit your Ship From address temporarily while traveling or shipping from another office, you can access the edit pages while in the shipping process, or enter and save them in your Address Book. On the Create a Shipment page, you can edit and save your Ship To, Ship From, and Return To addresses.

    On the Edit Ship To Address page, you can also:

    Recall a recipient address from your address books.
    Save the address you have entered to your address books.
    Perform a detailed address validation to help ensure that the address is correct.

    On the Edit Shipper address or Edit Ship From address pages, you can write over any information displayed. To save changes, select Update. To restore your original Shipper address on the Ship To Address page, select Clear All. To clear the Ship From fields and enter new information, select Cancel.

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