How is NASA planning to send people to space without space shuttles?

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    1. They are going to erect 2 giant towers about 1/2 mile apart and about 1000 feet high and connect the 2 towers with a giant bungee cord and then they plan on using those surplus giant space shuttle crawlers to pull back against the bungee cords that will be specially made for each mission into space about 1 mile then at a specified time the newly designed astronaut capsule with crew aboard will be released by the giant crawler and , then the crew capsule should be able to achieve orbital speed of 17000 mph.
    they planing on ridding atop the national debt that should get them to the fuhther most galaxys
    The Russians.
    Actually a small sector in the scientific community has been working on a device best described to the layman as the transporter from star trek or science fiction movies. The problem it hasn't happened yet, much like the flying cars that many people thought we would have by the year 2000. The best example of these flying cars can be view in the Jetson's cartoon, lol.

    Otherwise, I wold have to go with Ed's answer. I think the U.S. is making a big mistake relying on other countries for transport of their astronauts. There was supposed to be a better shuttle taking the place of the older design. I suppose Obama doesn't think the space program is important enough.
    Today's flight ends the program. NASA requires massive infusion of funding which is no longer available. We're bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The boys in Mojave and Russia are the likely candidates for future space endeavors.

    America is lowering the bar on everything but corrupt spending by the Democrats and the ass occupying the oval office.

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