Why do wall plugs have one prong bigger than the other?

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    See  below.


    There is 120 volts between the two prongs. One is to ground, the other is 120 volts. The prongs are different sizes so you can only put it in one way.
    Well done 6dogs, glad you knew. I thought they were talking about "wall plugs" that you place in a hole in the wall to take fittings, We have rawl plugs for this.

    What you answered to Aussies is a power plug. and the peice on the wall is a wall socket or power point.

    Can`t equate a power plug to a wall plug, especialy as our power plugs have either two same sized prongs on double insulated equipment or two same sized plus a third one that is longer.

    This last one is for equipment that is grounded and the ground prong is the longer one.

    I assume you have 220V there?? 120V here in USA, and the larger prong is called common, the smaller is hot and if there is a third, it is ground. The common and ground are tied together back at the circuit breaker (fuse box).
    Thanks flip we use the terminology "ground" or "earth" same thing then we have "positive" also called "active" or "live"the third one is "negative" or "neutral".
    We call the box on the wall "power box" or "fuse box". this is the box with the meters in it.

    Our voltage is 230Vlts. Lights have 5 amp fuse, power for power points are 10 amps then for the stove and bigger goodies 15amps.

    I have solar eletricity also and it is a bit of a trap for young players. If you want to carry out work you have to switch off the solar as well as mains if it is daylight. If you dont the solar is pumping power into the circuitry.Fizzle.

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