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    how do you know if a bird is male or female

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    The one that does all the talking is the female.

    Some types of birds you cant tell, you have to take them to the aviary vet and get them sexed. That's what they call it.

    There is usually a color diference be it on the bridge of the beak of the feathers.

    The only one I know about is the cardinal. The bright red is the male and the dull brownish red is the female. Don't know if that holds true in the other species or not, ie the more colorful being the male?

    That depends on the species. What kind of bird is it?

    I have pet finches, with them the males have bright orange cheeks and dots on there sides (very pretty) . Also they sing. The females are plainer looking , no orange cheeks or dots and they don't sing. And of course the females lay eggs. Not sure in all bird species, but I'd say the males are more colorful and I'm pretty sure it is just the males that sing in all bird species. Not 100 percent sure though!!

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