how many cheerleader are there in the US ?

    How many cheerleader in US ?

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    Thousands and thousands. There are college cheerleaders, Jr. High cheerleaders, pro ball cheerleaders, and many others. Impossible to count……...


    We have quite a few from aKaQA,Ladies that are willing to join in and give thier surport.They have thier white frilly skirts and all the other clobber etc,etc,

    Name: Cheerleader


    Director: Jamie Babbitt


    Type: love

    Area: USA


    Language: English


    Release date: 1999-09-12

    ?????A Plus Entertainment Advanced [??] ?????? Lions Gate Films [??] Universal Home Entertainment [??]

    Distribution firm: A Plus Entertainment Advanced [Germany] Lions Gate Entertainment Company Lions Gate Films Universal Home Entertainment [] [American USA]


    Introduction: a beautiful cheerleaders, collect myriad dotes on, and the captain of the football team to date, their family and friends think she has homosexual tendencies, send her to a rehabilitation camp. But she could not help with a female campers start a period of intense love......

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