is it possible to hire someone to assist my husband and me to drive from ohio to florida? He broke his arm and is quite immobile, if someone could do some of the driving and aiding in and out of the car, we may be able to make it back to fl.

    we are at an rv resort in geneva on the lake, ohio. we have 1155 miles to go. we also have 2 cats which are also in the car with us

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    Do you know how to drive? If so, I believe you can finish the trip to Florida with no problem. Take a few breaks at a rest area until you arrive at your destination.
    What kind of vehicle?
    When do you need to go?
    Have you considered how much you might be willing to pay?
    Where in Flordia?
    It might be cheaper to ship your car, and fly back.
    There are companies that will do this for you. Check out (There are many others too.) It is probably a good idea to do a background check on the person if you go outside of professional services.

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