Would you marry someone (HER) whos beem married 4 times,with a grown son to your none(HIM/ME) and the both of you are fast approaching 50?

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    well I am 58 and have had three hubbys, but you never know yr luck I could find a fourth somewhere out there who will accept me with all my baggage....................and it wouldn't bother me personally if he had been married ten times if I actually loved him or if he had 20 kids.................

    Of course!!!!! Ppl change and many spouse do not change together... If YOU are happy enjoy him!

    Only if you truly love one another if for any other ulterior motive I would have to say unequivocally no!

    Been married 4 times already past 50.Have so many kids they could call us the Brady bunch

    If it was going to be for the rest of our lives, I would do it. To become her 5th ex : (,

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