Any problems with 2003 Lexus GS430?


    So I'm interested in buying used gs430 from the adult person that really took care of its car. I mean the car looks like new.

    This is my dilemma-this car has 102k miles on it. My question to you "OWNERS" : is there any mechanical problems with this car such as engine, transmission or other big problems or as long as the regular maintenance will be done I should be fine with doing another 100k on this car. The price is great so any thoughts. All pros and cons will be greatly appreciated.

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    Don't own one, but I have knowledge of people who have purchased used. All green lights. Furthermore, my personal mechanic advised that the only 'perfect' car on the globe is Lexus. Also, 100K is just broken in...

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    Recommend that you find a Lexus shop or even dealer and ask them. Amazing the results when asking a professional mechanic who works on Japanes vehicles.

    My guess is that you'll find the car to be fine. Lexus has too much to lose by selling anything but 'top of the line' cars.
    i am in a car game ! In our garage i have never seen a lexus booked in to be fixed. They are very solid and durable highly recommendable cars dont forget to look after it as any machine deserves.

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