why do kids nowdays have to be so catered to ?

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    perhaps mostly the parents are kids themselves...babies having babies.seems most (not all) want to be best friens not parents with their kids. so therefore if your not a mature parent your going to buy your kids love not earn it.
    I lay the blame at the parent's feet for listening to dumbs who pretend they know everything about kids. Parents need to say the word 'no'.
    They don't. But by doing so you will instill in them a sense of entitlement. This will only kick them in the ass down the road in the real world.
    Thanks Dr. Spock..Kids today have everything handed to them, including grades.. They 'flip' em through school make room for the new ones, just show up.. They are not taught to work for success as success is now finding ways to overcome the system and get it for free. They do not understand defeat and how to deal with in honorably, they 'pout' (adult would be protest) until they get their way, always win-win.. They have been taught that the wheel that squeaks the most gets the most grease..

    I'm not a child hater, please don't pin that on me, I love 'em to death, I am just sick at how society has taken over on how we raise our kids. We spank 'em, they go to school tell the teacher and you get arrested..

    having been a cert. sub teacher all those years, I agree with everything you said. I am a boomer, and it started with Dr Spock telling the parents of the Boomers to not disipline them much, b/c it would destroy their little psychy and ego and creativity. My parents never got that message.
    I am guilty.... I want to enjoy my kids childhood with them... They have things you have to do like make good grades and help around the house.. But if i am lazing around on a Sat or Sun I feel like I am missing out on something... I want to go kayaking or grill out or four wheeling... Just something... But My kids are good kids. Tell them no often and whoop them regularly... LOL JK!!!!-

    You shouldn't feel guilty about 'whoop' them regularly (re: your j/k) That's just it, we are made to feel guilty of correcting our children in a way that parents have been correcting children for centuries. Many a successful person comes from a disciplined home. There is not a 'thin line' between scolding and child abuse but the idiots have made it a thin line.. Therefore, we have kids that tell parents what to do, kids that grow up without and decent morals-- Child abuse victims end up in prisons, disciplined children end up in colleges and with successful careers..

    I was jk about the regularly portion... They are good kids... Great manners and respectful. If they want something they ask when would be a good time to get it... Not I want it now... They are conciderate.

    the word is '' whup '', not '' whoop ''
    I know, b/c I've worked with a lot of Southerners---both black and white

    Lol.. I am a ga girl.. Doesnt get much more southern than that.
    My Mum had it all worked out she said "The best thing you can give your children is a pat on the back, as long as you do it often enough, low enough and hard enough" We have a society of "do gooders" who in fact are "do badders" Children are not taught respect for any body, teachers can`t reprimand, parents can`t control, even the upholders of the law can`t give the kids a clip over the ear. We put labels on bad behaviour to salve our own inability to take control. Others say things like "my Jimmy wouldn`t do that" when all the time they know Jimmy is a little shit. I do not believe in brutality towards anyone but I do not condone parents who will not discipline their own children and, in so doing help the kids grow up to be worth while adults. As you sow you reap. NO NO NO Iam not getting the calling.
    Because their parents were catered to.

    You're right. We learn how to be parents from our parents. That's the reason why young adults nowdays have a light-hearted approach to marriage---b/c they come from divorced homes, and so did their parents.
    Ditto for handling money. they're easy come, easy go with money,b/c that's how their parents did it.
    And some idiots in Washington said it's child abuse and the kids threaten their parents with this BS.
    Because they're so busy palying on the computer, PS3, ipod, nintendo, etc, that don't have time left to do/learn anything else

    I agree with that. If they didn't get their homework answers on the net, or thru this web site, they'd all flunk out

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