Farewell, goodbye, cheerio, ta,ta,

    Well it's been fun asking and answering questions on here. Good luck to you all, new and old. Must concentrate on work now and family

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    Have a great time Rushie.
    Good luck, you'll be missed.
    Hate to see you go, nice you have something more important to do.
    Take care Rushie. As Spaceghost said, you will be missed. It's understandable why you go, family and work should always come first.
    Rushie54..don't leave us alone without your eternally wise answers and questions! If this must be, you will be missed! Peace and love my friend andI hope only the best for you in any future endeavors that you may encounter!
    Thanks guys just one last look . Off to far away hot not so nice places. But what must be must be. Cheers and good luck

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