What are the salaries of US Congress and House of Representatives

    salary of US Congressmen? salary of US House of Representatives?

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    The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.
    Headless Man

    This is not considering all the benefits.
    If it's more than minimum wage, it's to much. This job should be done out of love for one's country, and the want to better the average American's way of life. Now if they were getting things done, I would suggest to pay them more, but most of them aren't worth what we are paying them.
    Too much! They are mostly comunists in the house today. Figure it out 550 people have placed us in the muck we are in today. Clinton used a little guy by the name of Brown to do junkets for manufactures in the USA to bring their factories to China. ( Brown is dead) Before Bill was president everything purchased in Wal-Mart was American made. 6months later everything was made in China. China has built 7 boats that carry 15,000 containers per boat and they can cross the ocean in five days. Can you see why we don't have any jobs in America. China has taken over the number one economy that was once Americas. We are the ones that invented manufacturing. Thanks Henry jFord. Nothing is made in America today, can you believe Catapiller, Boeing etc. are now made in China. Ever wonder why there arn't any jobs in USA. History. All thanks to the , New World Order Boys. CFR's, Trilateralists, one worlders, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Rockafellows, the World Bankers ( Federal Reserve) which is neather Federal nor a Reserve. The bigest hoax to ever be utalized to bring down America. Ya we are paying for our own demise and the American people are so dumb about it all they can't see the forest because tree's keep geting in the way. Shilohskid

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