Have you ever had a premonition?

    I had a dream night after night that I was going to have a wreck in my auto. This went on for two weeks. It began as I was leaving school in my auto when I was only 16. I was sitting behind the wheel of my auto as I was headed down the road. All of the sudden I lost control of my auto doing 55mph and veered into the oncoming lane. An auto was coming at me and t-boned me on the passenger side. I was knocked from the front seat to the back seat (It was legal in 1967 to not wear a seat belt). I was knocked unconcious when my head hit the ceiling of the auto. While I was out I dreamed or imagined I was falling into a spinning hole and trying stop my fall. Just before I hit the bottom of hole, I woke up in the back seat of my auto. This was the same dream that I had night after night before I had the wreck.

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    Yes, many times, usually when I don't listen to that little voice I get into trouble. The story that comes to mind now is when I had a dream that my brother got into a car accident, and my sister had the same dream, about 3 months later my brother did get into the accident, thank God he was o.k..
    It was on a major highway and he had been driving more carefully, thanks to my and my sisters warning.

    I dream a lot real vivid dream h been this way my whole life.usually I it's a hunch an feeling one time I was getting gas I looked in the gas station hat I had to leave I had not pump any gas yet so I got in the car and left I couldn't not see the counter when I felt my hunch I listened who knows maybe they where being robbed and one more thing felt something was wrong with my mom and just could tell started calling a round and there was go figure?

    When I was a kid I had a dream in which I saw a newspaper headline that read "Kennedy...Killed". The next day we were told that the president had been shot, and shortly thereafter, died. At first I thought "this has to be a joke, right?" Of course, it turned out to be true and I remember feeling angry and sad about it, afterward. It's a day I will never forget.


    i remember when kennedy was shot. i was in 1st grade and it came over the pa system. they closed the school that day in honor of him.

    I have had some very peculiar dreams, ones that have spooked me a little, but I have always put them down to good old female intuition.

    sure. i get little "nudges" about things. like dont turn here, phones about to ring, something wrong with kids, etc. really weird somtimes. consider it a gift.

    I thought I did, but it turned out I just remembered a dream that never happened, and then changed the memories to fit the facts I saw at the moment.

    you must be phychotic--i mean phycic--- me no good spellre

    Ms Sinclair

    LOL I can assure you I'm not psychotic. I don't know if you're being a wiseguy or just can't spell but...

    I'm psychic. I can't see that it has ever done me any good. I have a beautiful crystal ball on the middle of my round table.

    With your psychic ability,can you see or tell me anything ?

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