What do mormons believe?

    Mormonism is not sound Christian doctrine. Mormons believe they can become Gods themselves. They believe that when they die, they go with their wife as a new Adam and Eve to other planets to populate them. That is why they go through a ceremony in their temples to be sealed as couples for eternity. This is why they don't have normal weddings like other people. After coming back from the temple ceremony they will have a reception. Also, they believe Satan and Jesus are brothers. They exalt Joseph Smith instead of Jesus. They do not believe in the Trinity. They believe there are more gods than One. These are just a few major points about their unsound doctrine. It is a very twisted religion

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    Wow. i cannot believe how wrong you are. Try researching your stuff before you tell people lies. Okay. Mormons do NOT believe that "when they die, they go with their wife as a new Adam and Eve to other planets and populate them." That is a bunch of crap. Yes, they get married in the temple so they can be sealed as couples for eternity, but thats because they want to be married for forever, even after they die, and not "til death do you part" and they do not always have a reception after the temple. That is just so people can go congratulate them, because not everyone can be inside the temple to see them get married. Some Mormons don't have receptions. And yes, they believe Satan and Jesus are brothers, because they believe that we are ALL children of God. ALL of us. And they most definitly do NOT exalt Joseph Smith instead of Jesus. Did you know the real name of the Mormon church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. JESUS CHRIST. all of the teachings are based around Jesus Christ and his life and his atonement, and living with him again. And they DO NOT believe there are more gods than one. They believe in the Godhead which is, Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit. and I am not positive but I think that is what the trinity is? except the trinity is the belief that they are all the same being? I cannot believe you would write this and make people believe these lies... you said those "are just a few major points of their unsound doctrine" well, you're right about one thing, that is unsound doctrine, but Mormons do not believe that.

    go to mormon website. I think they are a cult.

    Who should care?  One must get ones own house in order before they judge or look for fault in others and then they won't.  

    Exactly. The bible tells us that Jesus is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. The Father refers to himself in the plural. Jesus was NOT created. If you cannot believe that Jesus is fully God then you are not a Christian
    Sorry,red19, Mormons are not Christian. So many problems with this "church".If Jesus and Satan are brothers that means that Jesus was created and thus not God. Mormons don't believe many truths of the Bible because the book of Mormon trumps the Bible. Sorry, red, you are still in outer darkness.Satan is the father of lies and your "book" is Satan's lie to keep humans from the truth and from the freedom that true Chriatians enjoy! LOVE

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