How can the USA citizens get rid of these illegal immigrants?

    They are costing Anerican jobs, draining us of tax monies, clogging up emergency medial facilities, contibuting to higher crime rates, and on and on.

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    Headless Man

    Seems like everyone but the politicians know what to do......


    they are not really costing us Americans of jobs. they do pay taxes....every time they buy a taxable item. many do the job we Americans won't touch. many are hard working. unfortunately, the ones you hear about are criminals, tax cheats and welfare recipients. those are the ones we should deport upon proof of their crime, etc.

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    By actually enforcing deportation.

    Take away the incentives to come here.
    Quit renting to them.
    Quit hiring them.
    Quit giving them welfare.

    ole hipster

    I agree whole heartedly! It seems too many Americans are suffering because of the influx of illegal immigrants. I thing that in order to live in this country we should have to #1 LEARN ENGLISH! (Did we all cater to the Poles and Lithuanians when they emigrated here? NO!) They learned English. Come on folks, jump on the bandwagon and stop catering to illegals. Our social services are suffering and drying up and why do you think so many states are in debt? I realize a lot has to do with the government but still?

    Perhaps it will take getting rid of those that have held political offices for lengthy times to get the problem addressed. Ted Kenneday slipped the rider into a bill back in the 1980's that started the anchor baby problem we have today. Hopefully, this one question will trigger others into contributing to a movement for ideas on solving this enormous problem. After all, couldn't this country use more jobs. Former Predident George W Bush said "illegals worked jobs that no one else was willing to". That answer is out of context. The truth is that "they work jobs that no one else is willing to work at that wage". I believe in free enterprise. However this is not free enterprise when outsiders take USA jobs to create a false wage scale at the price of employment for the US worker.

    Securing our borders

    It will never happen. Mexicans will take over America eventually. They breed like rabbits and work like dogs. They won't own America the Jews will because they are the most intelligent. I'm not knocking anyone, I'm just an old Irish boy who simply sees the writing on the wall.

    Simple: Have the Feds do their job. I think they know what their job is, or I could be wrong. Show my how our Great Homeland Security Adviser is doing, terrible you got it. Our country does not want to stop Illegals from coming here, too much money involved. Simple as that, would make too much sense to stop it and our country has no sense at all, let alone any common sense or they are too good do them. That is what is wrong with this country and the way it is going will never get back to being the 'GOOD OLD USA".

    Capture them, give them a tour of the desert, and then NUKE the dirty bastards!

    Give them the opportunity to become legal!

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