My television used to make a buzzing noise occasionally when you turned it on... but when you turned it off then off again it was fine. Gradually the amount of times you needed to restart it increased... NOW it won't stop buzzing even with a restart. HELP!

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    Perhaps it's time to buy a new one! I'd get rid of mine if it did that. Sometimes they catch fire, even if it is turned off.

    Many people are getting new and better tv's and giving their old ones away. If you can't afford a new one, check around (Try free stuff on Craig's List). There is a ton of them out there, so be fussy. Another place to look is "Freecycle".


    Hmmmmm. Just noticed this question is 7 months old.
    i would be so frustrated id throw it out the window, buy another one even if its secondhand.long s it didnt make that nerve racking noise

    By  now you may have gotten another.................if you did............did that take care of it ?

    Been smoking that stuff again.  Causes a buzz you know.  And if you were thinking straight you would get it fixed or junk it.

    Get a good apiarist to check it out.

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