Jesus' Death

    Why did Jesus have to die?

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    Headless Man

    So he could rise and join the father in heaven.

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    Look up at the Cross. He stretched out His arms and said I love you this much. He came to show you this message. He could have saved Himself but choose not to for our sake. He layed down His life. He even forgave those who nailed him there. So the reason was HIS LOVE FOR US ALL

    JESUS died on the CROSS so we could be forgiven for our sins.

    Plain and Simple: Jesus had to die, so that we could get into Heaven. You must be perfect and without sin to enter into heaven. None of us are, so by His blood sacrifice, our sins are forgiven us. That's why they call him the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the World. When Israel was under the Law or 10 commandments, and many others see the Old Testament, there had to be a blood sacrifice to cover the sins of the Jews. Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice, He died to cover everyone's sins.............No one put him to death , He allowed it to happen to save the world....

    He chose to make the sacrifice, as a demonstration, to all men to help them become aware of their own inner divinity. The body is temporal and passing, the inwardspirit is everlasting. We men live in an illusion of the body and the world, both of which are passing and corruptible subject to death or an end. Anything that ends is a but a dream from which we awaken. The sooner one understands this the better may he guide his Life through this existence or dream of matter. By this may one choose his own dream and find joy in the journey.

    Free Will, as ordained by God to Humanity, resulted in the way of death for the "Christ", the actual death was a result of his mission being accomplished. Jesus came to reveal to us the Promise of Gos's Salvation for us, through our Belief in God, without stipulations. None of the attributes of deceit (evil) can exist within true belief in God.

    He had to enter death to overcome/defeat it, so we had a chance at getting joined again with God for eternity.



    Jesus was the man; the son of man, flesh and blood; a body. While Christ was the Spirit of Love; the Christos, The Son of God. There were two yet One, and so it is with all men. Jesus made the sacrifice for the sake of the other; for the sake of the Living God, mortalized, perfected within him, to demonstrate before the world, the Presencence of "Love Consciousness, Divine and transcendent from the worldly body and its sensual dictates (personality); free from the slavery of the world. Thus Jesus enlightened; knowing these things became one with the higher purpose trandcending them through and in Christ. It is thus he literally allowed Crucifiction those very senses; sacrificing his temporal body, Thus showing man his greater worldly family, the bonds and chains, that must be shed. All men must eventually, one life time or another acomplish this, for the is the Divine Purpose of the soul to over come the dictates of world. The true seeker must crucify the senses of the body of the world; put them under discipline, the personality is the "pretender," it it the servant, this is personal commitment; Dicipleship. There are few that really know who they are, "for wide is the road and narrow is the gate and there be few that enter in.";)

    so we could live...

    no one knows where they are going untill you are dead...

    Headless Man

    Then it's to late to change course.


    garag0...When you head out on a journey you prepare dont you. You would look at the map. We are on a journey and we can also prepare for it. Jesus said 'I AM the Way the Truth and the Life' Trust Him He will be with you on the journey and you will be sure where you are going

    men die
    we are mortal
    thats all


    This troubles me when one does not believe. I’m sure you are an intelligent person and that you have sought answers and have come to the conclusion that you find for yourself that God does not exist. I ask you to seek God by asking (praying) him out loud and in private to reveal himself to you. This does not cost you anything and you just may get the answer. The answer may be immediately or over a period of time. God has his own timetable. Jesus, who is God, says in Matthew 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

    if you were naled to a cross for days do you think you could run a 4 minute mile once you came off the cross

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