im thinking like if u find some common ground with other members instead of trying to communicate in the answer and question pages another section were people could chat argue or have a laugh and i dont mean privt chat i mean chat were all can see and contribute aka

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    I created a live chat for people to use but it's separate from this site and no one knows you're in there unless they log into it. The new site format we will be switching to does not have a live chat either as far as I know. I'm not sure if the formatting of the app allows for inclusion of a live chat set-up. The app would have to recognize the chat app codes.



    LOL, as in coding..what apps read to make other apps work when added to them.

    Thanks Ninja, your pretty cool too. I've enjoyed a lot of your answers.


    ok so there is chat codes that have to be followed and recognized for sites that want to have that as a option ? wonder what the codes are ? no spiting on the floor ? no naked chat ? hhee hheeee joking


    ohhh and by the way Colleen in my books ur a pretty cool person il give u a little hug if thats ok hhee hheeeeee


    I would like a chat room providing only us clever people were on it, I could have a great time making new friends but not the immature quislings of you know who. Sorry you probably dont know what a quisling is but if you dont you shouldn`t be on the chat site.


    Ohhh yes it would need a point system to be able to enter 500 or 1000 ?

    what is a quisling, ' peoplelover'

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    Someone tried to initiate a chat room thing but I guess it didn't go over too big so it faded away...and yeah leeroy is right...this site is much too sterile with way too many silly and inappropriate questions having nothing to do with Q&A's real meaning...bring back the old site (for those you remember it) as a lot of the old really good contributors have lost interest and dropped out. Which is a shame as there are many "faces" that I miss!
    Now stop it Randy and daren1...I'm laughing too much! It's making my poor abused, misused and aching body ache even more! Only kidding...laughter makes everything better! (:

    Yes I could go with that

    maybe a cocktail lounge.. that would really get us chating.. about what though?

    LOL...all the crap!

    So whats different from the crap we are already talking now lololololol hheehheheee
    I have never been on a chat site, sounds good to me, would there be any disadvantage in time differences.

    ohh yes there is but i guess its same every were and you do seem to cross paths with most members quite a lot but i do like Schubees idea on instant messaging.
    I don't like chat sites but thats because I type so slow I can't keep up with the

    hhhaaaa hhaahahha Randy its ok i hear you only use a yes and a no lololol joking
    It's definitely missing something, it still feels sterile compared to the old site? Not sure exactly why there are many different changes that some are good and others suck.
    That would be too much. All the losers would come and mess around, and also some religious people would try to build their church here as some are already doing it.
    ole hipster

    Oh Lordy! now I'm rolling on the floor with laughter! And someone help me as I'm down here and I can't get up! (only kidding about that) (:

    Ohhhh yeah the religious people hhhheeehheeee could always knock there church back down hhaahahaaaahhhh
    The chat room would not be a good idea thinking about the nature of this site. I would love to see Instant Message though.
    ole hipster

    Thanks schubee for your response...will have to adjust old "Hal" (computer's name) here! Also I LOVE your idea of the Instant Messaging...if this is possible..that would be great. Colleen!...if you're out there could this be done?? (:

    yeah how would that work ? sounds ok and would be easyer compaired to the other set up.
    It's definitely missing something, it still feels sterile compared to the old site? Not sure exactly why there are many different changes that some are good and others not so good.
    Headless Man

    Easy to post twice I

    I see they haven't worked out that bug completely yet.

    I see they haven't worked out that bug completely yet.

    leeroy is just trying to get 2 thumbs up lololol

    Seriously, good one, lol
    Also I meant to also ask: "Does anyone else notice that it's now much 'slower' to navigate around here"? I suppose it could be my computer but I don't know...just curious...thanks in advance for any responses! (:

    For me, it's not slower, it could be your computer. ;)
    yeah i see your point guys but i was thinking that you could only enter after X-amount of points say 250 or 500 as it would be ok to chat in real time and be able to link to questions from in there, like it takes days sometimes to get back to a question and respond not that thats a bad thing but anyway its not like i have anything to do with seeing if admin think its good idear or not.And yeah its a question and answer site not a chat site .

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