apeer doors

    What is the good and bad points on apeer doors?

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    Looks like they're made of pvc so the making probably harmed the environment. So they melt in a fire which is good in some ways, unless your in a position where you don't want it to melt as in between you and the fire or a thief has some fire/heat of some kind. Probably kicked open more easily. They're not bullet proof. Look nice. Don't sound real if wood door sound is real. Probably cheap in price. They're doors not windows so you can go threw them easily. They're not French doors not metal not wood not sliders not rollup not pressboard/cardboard not ceramic not clay, straw, mud, concrete, fictional, metaphorical, esoteric, illusional, alien, government funded, glass or alot of other things they're not(I think). If you need a door they appear to be one.

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