I need guy help fast D:

    How do I find a guy in two weeks? I have to find one for a party otherwise I'll be the only one there without a date. And I've done that my entire life. Help :/

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    You could ask a friend, I once took a friend's sister to her prom, I had fun. Or maybe check out the internet, but that could be a little dangerous, might get an axe murderer? Maybe try church, supermarket, or even work. be careful and good luck.

    Friends Are awesome dates... no expectaions and always a good time.

    Stay away from sex until you can afford a family. There are too many unwed teenage mothers out there. Find outlets to sate your needs on your own before you ruin your chances for a better life.

    Have you tried a bar, or a club? Internet Dating is an option too, but I've not had success there.

    Take your brother, if you have one. If not, take the brother of a friend. Actually, I see nothing wrong in going by yourself.
    I've done that many times, and discovered many fun evenings that I could not have enjoyed as much if I had been tied to a date.

    Yes I know I have no plans to have sex, it's just an innocent birthday party. But my friend required everyone bring a date and I'm more of the friend of guys then a girlfriend...


    Oh, well sorry I went flying off the handle :D

    But the problem is I'm 15. haha. So it's not very very serious but still kind of embarrassing. :/

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