we have new neighbours after 18 years. the hedge between us and the previous people has been maintained at approx 5ft . it is close to our lounge window (1m) when i tidied up the top for the first time this year my new neighbour came round and told me off as he says its his hedge and wants it bigger

    this may lead to a right of light issue. i would like to est exactly where the boundary is and what i can do to maintain the hedge height

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    If the hedge belongs to him, as you seem to imply, I don't believe that you have a valid case unless you can clearly demonstrate that any excess beyond a prescribed height causes you grief related to health, safety or security.

    The "right of light" is not a right that I'm familiar with. Such good-neighbor issues are generally dealt with by local government legislation. Before spending any money on professional legal advice, consult your city councilor.

    Do not call the welcome wagon.

    GET OFF MY LAWN ..Clint Eastwood in Grand Torino

    tom, consult your local ordinance first, the your attorney.  If this means a lot to you, you should know exactly what your legal rights are.  Most of all, to resolve this, be less emotional about the whole ordeal or you'll make yourself sick.

    Beat him to a pulp or get a surveyor. Surveyor is cheaper.
    If it's on the property line it belongs to both of you. You must establish the line by a property surveyor and pay for it. Unfortunately, you have a prick for a new neighbor.
    Try to negotiate. If the hedge is your neighbors, then you will either negotiate, contact legal cousel or grab your 12GA Winchester.
    you must talk to your neighbour. if it overhangs on your boundary you can cut it back.However,if its his hedge you must (oddly enough)return the cuttings to his side the boundary.that will cheer him up. if you have tended the hedge over the last 12 years you can claim that whats on your side will continue to be kept as it has been since your tenancy.photographs of yesteryear can prove its growth.height can be controlled by this,you can point these simple facts to him if he becomes difficult.let him know your on the case .it does depend on which country you live in mind.

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